Renovation and Service

Renovation and Service

We are happy to restore old and historic bells:

The bells are gently cleaned and original historical accessories are retained if at all possible. Where necessary, we are able to replace damaged components or else make a replica of the original using traditional methods.

Inappropriate or unsuitable accessories can be replaced with new ones. We fashion new bell yokes exclusively from oak. Clappers and everything necessary for hanging the bells are crafted employing traditional blacksmithing techniques.

We make our clappers in various shapes, depending on the destination. Clappers are heat treated after forging to achieve a hardness below 120 HB (Brinell hardness).

Where the clapper attaches to the interior of the bell, we usually fit a leather strap on a steel eye. On old bells, where the original eye has been twisted through years of use, we attach a hinge device to correct the axis of the swing, a 'scharnier'.