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Since 2016, Róbert Slíž has been running small workshops casting bells, bell accessories, and repairing and restoring historic bells. A bell is, primarily, a musical instrument and so it is extremely important to choose the appropriate technology for its production. Róbert employs medieval technology, tried, tested, and traditional.

The medieval technique uses mainly natural materials. Moulds are formed from a special mixture of loam and other natural sources . Crafting a bell requires much time and attention, so each project is approached individually. Each bell is an original work of art and of craft with a unique character. Behind each masterpiece lies hidden months of work.

Róbert Slíž

Title "Young Master of Folk Art" 

On August 18, 2020, the Hungarian Minister of Human Resources, Prof. Dr. Kásler Miklós, awarded Róbert Slíž 'the Young Master of Folk Art (Népművészeti Ifjú Mestere)' award.

In 2019, Róbert Slíž had the honour of working in the workshop of the famous bell-founder master Abel Portilla in Gajano, Cantabria, Spain. Here he had the opportunity to hone his skills and to master many nigh-forgotten ancient methods and secrets of the bell casting craft.


"Young master of the year 2018"

-Év ifjú mestere díj-