New bells

New bells

We manufacture bells with a weight of up to a maximum of 800 kg. These are designed not only for churches, chapels, and bell towers, but also for private towers and buildings. Our bells are crafted using the techniques of the Middle Ages: Moulds are prepared from a loam mixture, making each bell an original work of unique character, representing several months of precision crafting.

Our bells come in all sizes and tones, to suit the particular requirements of each project.

Texts, reliefs, coats of arms or other ornamental decorations may be incorporated into the bell design according to the customer's requirements.

We tailor-make accessories for new bells: clappers and everything necessary for hanging your bells are crafted employing the traditional techniques of blacksmithing.

Delivery time ranges usually from 3 to 12 months from placing the order, depending on the complexity and size of the work along with the current capacity of the workshop.